About Paul Nehring

I’m a painter, sculptor, assemblage artist, noise structuralist, instrument maker and gardener trying to keep one foot firmly grounded on the earth while the other one reaches for the cosmos.

These paintings have been percolating in my head since before certain events in the past convinced me that I had to become an artist. Recently these images from the subconscious, or maybe distant memory began coming to me rather unexpectedly and manifesting themselves in slightly more than two dimensions in paint on canvas. Small glimmers of what I’ve been trying to do have shown up in much of my work over the years but when these things finally clicked they seemed to burst forth like the synaptic pops that they represent.

My belief in the collective unconscious has been reinforced
by the way the colors and images I’m using have resonated with many of the people who have seen the paintings. I am interested in the imagery that recurs throughout art-making history to unrelated cultures and to related forms in nature, e.g. mandala-like circular forms, rhythmic patterns and entoptic phenomena (visual experiences derived from within the eye or brain) to name but a few.

Paul's work was featured in the February 2010 issue
of American Artist Magazine.